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Her name is Jinmiran, she is a Korean girl. Many people think she is Chinese or Japanese but basically she is a Korean girl. Jinmiran is a very familiar face to those of us who use memes or make memes because of her expressions and gullible faces. She is basically a meme material girl, she is a model, she models in food, clothing and decorations in Korea, the funny thing is that the things she advertises sell out very quickly. He is only 3 years old. He also has a younger sister. The sister looks the same as Jinmiran. It is said that Jinmiran’s sister will also become a meme material in the future. Jinmiran is equally famous for this meme in other countries including India, Pakistan, Bangladesh, Brazil, Argentina because of her smile, tears and gulmulu face. He also has his own Instagram account with over 10 lakh followers. At present, the two sisters are reviewing the products of different items and there is a lot of demand in the market for the products advertised. In addition to the two sisters, they have parents in the family.

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  2. No way she’s Chinese lives in Shanghai China

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