Are hybrid cars really good?

Are hybrid cars really good?

Are hybrid cars really good?

▪️Hybrid technology is a bit better and modern technology than the previous common engine. Are hybrid cars even better? Basically hybrid cars have a separate high capacity battery along with the engine. From the battery comes the same power as the engine. Normal engines usually have some power loss during drive. In the case of hybrid cars, the battery is charged with that power. In the hybrid system, when braking, pressing the accelerator charges the battery.

Hybrids are basically of two types

▪️ Hybrids are basically of two types. One is a normal hybrid, the other is a plug-in hybrid. Plug-in is a slightly better technology than a typical hybrid. A plug-in hybrid system can charge the car’s battery separately.

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different feel

▪️ Gets a different feel from hybrid cars. When the car is on full battery power, there is no noise in the car. Then you get an electric car vibe. Also, when the power comes from the battery + engine to the engine, the hybrid car gets much more power than the normal car. Mileage is the most important factor in hybrid cars! You will get two and a half or two times more mileage from a hybrid car than a normal car. Due to which the fuel consumption of hybrid cars is almost half! Also hybrid car engine has less back pressure than normal car due to which the engine runs better. AC function in hybrid is completely on battery. Due to which the pressure on the engine is reduced.


▪️Hybrid car does not have any problem if it is maintained a little. For example, always running AC while driving, keeping interior clean, changing engine oil, brake oil on time etc. If these conditions are properly driven, hybrids can provide much better service.

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