Real Madrid vs Man City Live Match

Real Madrid vs Man City Live Match

Real Madrid and Man City will face each other today in the first leg of the last four of the Champions League. The Spanish giants and English giants will play in the big semi-final at Etihad ground tonight at 1 o’clock. Both the Premier League leader and the La Liga leader have injury problems. However, in the fight to show their best and reach the final, it is not a team that gives concessions to anyone. Even though Man City is ahead at home, Real Madrid does not want to give up.

Real Madrid reached the semifinals of the Champions League a record 31 times. Real Madrid have already won La Liga. And if there is only 1 point, another shirpa will rise in Real’s house. Real’s La Liga title win was almost certain in the middle of the season, so Real will not play with any pressure in today’s match.

But on the other hand, Man City is under pressure. Because their fight with Liverpool for the league title is running. Pope Guardiola’s giants will be over with a little randomness.

Real Madrid have had a break for the last six days after playing in the league, but Man City also played last Saturday. So it remains to be seen tonight whether Real can take advantage of the long break. However, losing to one of the best teams in Europe will not be an easy task for Real Madrid. However, after the defeats of Neymar, Messi and Mbappe’s PSG and Chelsea, the confidence of Madrid is much higher now.
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