Benefits of banana .. Eat ripe banana every day to stay healthy ..!

Banana is disliked by many of us. Many people are angry when they see bananas, but according to the doctor, we should all eat at least one banana every day. Let’s not know about the ten benefits of banana. 1. Keeps the heart well Ripe bananas are rich in potassium. Eating at least one or two bananas a day makes the heart more active in the human body and the risk of unwanted heart attack and stroke is much lower in the human body. 2. Keeps the kidneys healthy Bananas also keep potassium and kidneys well in the human body. Inhibiting the accumulation of calcium in the urine reduces the chances of kidney stones. Calcium is stored for eating bananas which strengthens the bones in the body. 3. Gives energy to the body Bananas are rich in natural sugars and soluble fiber, which provide slow but strong energy to the body. This is why players are often seen eating bananas before or during the game. You sent Today at 02:31 4. Helps in digestion of food Collar fiber and probiotic oligosaccharides are much higher which play a great role in daily digestion. Due to which your body has the ability to store more nutrients. Constipation is easily cured. For constipation, do not try to eat extra ripe banana without laxative in the body, you will start getting the benefits in a few days! 5. Increases immunity Bananas are rich in vitamin B6, which produces essential amino acids for the human body, regulates blood sugar levels and increases hemoglobin. That is, there is no substitute for bananas to build excellent immunity in the body. .Benefits of banana .. Eat ripe banana every day to stay healthy ..! Prevents stomach ulcers and heartburn Suffering from stomach ulcers? Or not getting relief from heartburn? Eat bananas regularly. Bananas maintain the pH level in the stomach in the body by increasing the protective mucus layer, which will keep the chest-irritated in every body and protect you from stomach ulcers constantly. . Reduces the risk of cancer Some recent studies have shown that extra ripe bananas provide a type of compound called TNF-A, which is important for the body, which increases the body’s resistance to disease as well as the amount of white blood cells. Eating bananas as a rule reduces the risk of blood cancer in the body. . There can be various types of stress in the human body, playing banana reduces it and helps in good sleep Bananas contain the amino acid tryptophan, which is converted to serotonin. Having the right levels of serotonin in your body will keep the mind in the right mood and reduce stress to a great extent. This will make you sleep better every day. 9. Rejuvenates the skin The inner skin of the banana contains a number of fatty substances, which can be rubbed into the face as a moisturizer. Again many people have a lot of acne, you can also use collar skin to get rid of their acne. However, messing with everyone’s skin may not work. Yet you can try once! 10. Increases anti-oxidants in the body Bananas contain dopamine, catechins and some important anti-oxidants. Which works to protect the body from overall damage all the time.

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